Saturday, 17 September 2011


I am the Worlds Worst Blogger. It has been 14 days since my last blog...
But I have good reasons.
#1 I have four children and a Husband. That's self explanatory.
#2 I have recently started an ASD support group AND am helping admin a Facebook page A4cwsn-Australia but more on that later.
#3 In the last week I have survived my sons 8th Birthday Party with 30+ kids and our first family holiday.
#3 is the topic of this belated Blog Post...
So Ryan is now 8! We had the best Birthday party ever.I have decided all Birthday parties will be outside from now on...

Ryan and his friend Andy


Princess Darcy
The lolly throw
The cake

There are no photos of Ryan blowing out the candles...because he didn't. He actually sat in the car while his friends sang Happy Birthday. That was ok, they know him and love him and not one of them even commented on the fact that he did not want to be there. Cool friends :-)

Less then 24 hours later we were off to Seaworld Resort for our very first family holiday. It may have been only 3 nights but it was so good! The boys were amazing. We didn't worry about school or appointments or anything. I let the kids do their thing. We walked and walked, we swam, we ate in a Restaurant ( 3 breakfasts, 2 dinners) NO DRIVE THRU. 

I have been told alot during this journey with Aspergers to be patient and have listened to advice like "baby steps". Sometimes I wanted to punch the people who said these things...but now almost 4 years later I have seen how those baby steps can become one giant leap...WE ATE IN A RESTAURANT!

Yes these 4 days were a big deal and just what we all needed. There were rules though...
I did what the boys wanted to do... Holidays are not times to teach or push them to do what we want them to do. I went where they wanted, let them eat what they wanted and even slept when they wanted and it worked. 

Ryan lining things up...on a rope :-)

Sadly all great things must come to an end but we have some great memories and I have promised we will do it again next year.

Oh, and just in case you missed it... WE ATE IN A RESTAURANT!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

The Return of Vomitron...

Some people think that because you have children with special needs you automatically become a Super-Mum. Although I would love this to be true, I have to admit, like all Mums I make mistakes- alot of them. And like all Mums I suffer from that terrible disease "Mothers Guilt". Am I doing enough, am I doing it properly, surely someone or anyone else would do it better?

There are some ocassions when I embrace my  Superhero status and last night was one of them...
I think you all know my 6 year old Pierce has Aspergers? Now Pierce is a "text book" Aspie. Repetitive movements, obsessive behaviours, "little professor" speech (complete with an American accent), an impressive IQ and severe sensory dysfunction. Check,check,check,check,check.

Sensory dysfunction is a major issue with our ASD kids but one that is hard for us to understand. Pierces sensory system is classed as "hyper". In simple terms he is in overload ALL of the time. He hears too much, sees too much and feels too much. One of the many, many issues that arise because of this  is Pierces reaction to pain and illness.

I will explain it as I understand it...because Pierces senses are in overload when he is feeling "normal", when something like an injury or illness occurs it is MAJOR and yes the capitals are warranted.  I have seen Pierce go into shock over a stubbed toe. He also has a severe aversion to blood and other bodily fluids.His reaction to pain and illness is so severe it is a topic in his IEP at school. To the extent that all of the staff at his school have been made aware of Pierce and what can occur if  injury or illness occur ie: he will withdraw and/or abscond. He will hit out if approached, not because he is violent but because adding any extra sensory input is something he is not able to cope with, So, don't touch him, don't talk to him...just be there and wait it out!

Thankfully Pierce doesn't get sick or hurt himself much but when he does it's not pretty! Last night was one of those nights...I had a visit from his alter ego Vomitron!

Now, I'm not sure if Vomitron is an Autobot or a Decepticon but I do know he causes absolute devestation!
Pierce has a stomach bug and woke up at 2am vomiting. Now vomiting and children is always messy but when Pierce is sick he goes into this trance like state of withdrawl. He sees nothing he hears nothing...and he vomits! He is a vomiting robot, hence Vomitron, complete with robot like movements reminiscent of the robot in Lost In Space with projectile vomiting added!

How does Super-Mum deal with this? I follow him around with towels and bowls encouraging him to " Get it out sweetheart you'll feel better" and begging him to stay in one spot. Like all Mums I know how far vomit can travel! Vomitron doesn't care, he continues on his path of destruction.

Eventually and against all my Motherly instincts I leave him to it. It's heartbreaking to see your child sick or in pain and not be able to comfort him and I still have alot of trouble leaving Pierce alone when this happens. It just feels wrong .

So, I have cleaned. I have scrubbed. I have disinfected. I have defeated Vomitron. And all those cuddles I couldn't give Pierce last night...he got this morning.