Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Ugly Truth

When I decided to start this Blog I was adamant it was going to be a warts and all look at my life. I did not want anyone to ever think that because I have special  needs children I am some kind of  Superhero, running around to appointments, dealing with meltdowns all while looking fabulous, cooking gourmet meals and keeping my house sparkling clean. The only part of that statement that relates to me is the running around to appointments and dealing with meltdowns. My kids are healthy and usually happy. The rest of my life is in total disarray...
Today's post may be upsetting  for some. If you suffer from OCD or are one of those super organised, nothing out of place types...


Today I cleaned out my car...
I washed it too.
Nothing exciting about that?

Well it is if it is the first time you have done it in a LOOOOOONG LOOOOONG time. I'm talking years not months. Sure I've done the odd surface clean but seriously have not vacuumed or washed it for about 3 years!
I am sure some of you think I am exaggerating (as I tend to do) so I  took photos as proof of my shame.

This is what I removed from the car

See what I  mean?

As well as two bags of rubbish there was:

  • 5 pairs of shoes
  • 10 odd socks
  • assorted pieces of lego including but not limited too, 4 heads, 2 wings from space ships, a lightsaber, 1 set of legs, hair, a minifigure and Boba Fetts visor.
  • An air matress (no idea)
  • 3 bike helmets
  • 4 blankets
  • a bucket and spade
  • 4 swim hats
  • 3 weighted diving thingys
  • 2 school hats
  • 2 T-shirts
  • a pair of undies (not mine)
  • pencils and textas
  • Pegasus (Dora has been looking for him)
  • an egg beater (again no idea)
  • fairy wings (don't know how she's been getting around)
  • extension strap for a baby capsule
  • toy piano (should have thrown that out)
  • 2 bowls
  • 3 water bottles
  • 1  My Little Pony 
  • 4 books
After all of the above was removed I vacuumed this from the floors

I love my car, well it's actually a van, but the years have flown by. We bought our *People Mover* the day after my youngest, Darcy, was born. It was beautiful. The newest car I have ever owned. All shiny and modern and best of all lots of room. Eight seats, which meant it could fit our family of six plus room for two more.You know, for all those play dates and outings we were going to have with the kids friends...
Not long after Darcy was born Pierce was diagnosed with ASD and shortly after Ryan. What happened to my lovely shiny car over the next three plus years sort of symbolises what happened to our life...
Those two spare seats are rarely,  if ever, used.  The sparkle seems to have gone and at times it's like one giant mess...BUT if you spend the time and put in a lot of hard work the shiny is there and we appreciate it more because we worked so hard to find it.

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