Monday, 9 January 2012

He said/ She said...

I think the majority of my Blog followers are also Facebook friends so are probably aware of recent events. For those who aren't, check these Blog Posts

So,I  usually stay away from drama and confrontation but due to the aforementioned events I feel the need to defend myself.
I have been accused of being self serving, self centred and placing my own needs before that of Special Needs Kids and their parents.
Show me how protecting SN  parents makes me a bad Mum and how people who only know me on Cyber Space are able to judge my parenting skills.
My name has been included on a list of people who are supposedly deceitful ,this list has been posted on FB,  Twitter and as a comment on a blog...but I am the one acting in a defamatory way?
I have had text messages threatening to sue me,questioning my parenting skills,having my own agenda AND of  being a Desperate Housewife (If I am  supposed to be like the women in the TV show,THANK YOU.) I would love to know WHAT this agenda might be?
What am I gaining? I have lost friends, been insulted and harassed, been threatened with litigation. Apparently because I have a plan?  Please tell me this plan, enlighten me! As far as I know I am the one losing in all of this.
Unfortunately the people who have questioned me were people I considered my friends.This has hurt more then anything.As a SN Mum I often feel isolated and misunderstood. As sad as it may sound Facebook is a place myself and others can find  Mums who feel the same way. Imagine my sadness when people I trusted and relied on judged me without asking why I made such a heart wrenching decision.
Imagine being in my shoes...Four kids, 2,maybe 3 with Special Needs and the threat of a law suit hanging over your head..
As I  said...most of you know me...He said/ she said. Who's right/who's wrong???


Chat Conversation End


  1. Thanks for sharing this Teriann. It's important that people know it's not just a couple of people this has affected, it's lots of us.

  2. I've made some great friends through the A4 page and have seen them systematically banished, blocked and bullied in the last few months. Names that I would have recognised as being the main support and backbone of the community THEY helped build, tossed aside for asking for transparency. The hostility and vile attacks on one of the posts you linked above from the IP address of the person behind the controversy and/or his wife have been eye opening to say the least. As the saying goes "the best form of defence is attack". Why so defensive though? All that was being asked was for the money's raised to be accounted for. Makes you wonder. So sorry to hear you've lost friends and been judged through this. Their eyes will open eventually too xx

  3. It's coming out that more and more people have been bullied and harassed by this person, just for asking for transparency about where their donations are going. Eventually, everyone's eyes will be opened to everything going on and they will regret the horrible things they've done to others while in a mob mentality. It's like a cult and they do whatever the others do for fear of being the next one banned from the group for not following directives to do what they are told and never ask questions. :(

  4. Thank you.. my name is on that facebook list. I want to thank you for posting and standing up for us. I lost friends as well. I have also become closer to friends I have made through that page. I now have a group of friends that I can count on being there. You are one of those friends Teriann.

  5. I too am one of the named and shammed. I loved the community feeling on A4 and like you, as a parent of 2 ASD kids was isolated before FB. I was shocked by the mob mentality when questions about transperancy and his hissy fits and bullying occurred. This man in their eyes can do no wrong!! But because of these events, despite loosing what I thought were great friends I have made more....strong women whom I am proud to call my friends!!