Tuesday, 14 February 2012

What Pierce hates...

I have read through my last couple of posts and decided it was time for some laughs....I have also changed this blogs photo as it is Pierces 7th Birthday on Saturday. He has earned his time in the sun and this post is about him and dedicated to him. I will start with my Facebook status update on his birthday last year (BTW I love the new timeline for the fact I was able to find  this in an instant!)...

Happy 6th Birthday Piercey Morgan! It's been a wild and crazy ride but you have already taught me more than I can ever hope to teach you...It is an absolute privilige to be your Mum. xox

12 months later and I feel the same...This boy is amazing. He has what I call a *Rock Star Personality* .
He's rude,obnoxious and totally quirky but  people,kids and adults alike,love him and want to be close to him. This in  itself causes a problem. Pierce has Aspergers, so not only is he not really interested in other people, the further away they are the better! He does however LOVE some people and when he loves, he loves completely. I think he is the definition of cool.

So the title of this post is *Things Pierce Hates*. His favourite reply to most of my comments/suggestions is, I hate that or why would I want to do that,I hate it. One day,in a moment of frustration I asked, "What don't you hate Pierce?" . It was obviously a rhetorical question but I forgot Aspies don't do rhetorical. A couple of days later Pierce came up tome and said....:I think what don't I hate  was a stupid question,( I am stupid a lot in our house),but I've been thinking and I can tell you what I do hate." 
So here is the list...
  • Birthday Parties (they apparently suck and why would anyone want one?)
  • Darcy...I love her cause she's my sister and I have to but she is really annoying and I hate it when she screams.
  • shoes, they annoy me.
  • When you (that would be me) ask me "how was school?That's a stupid question." ( again I am stupid a lot in our house)
  • Healthy food. I am  allergic to it. Allergic means it makes you sick and healthy food makes me sick
  •  Ryan...(again loves him because he is his brother and he has to) but I hate it when he goes crazy and hits me. I want to kill him!
  • Japan ( he is NOT racist read the rest of this) because they kill whales.
  • Cyclones, tsunamis, tornadoes. because they are scary
  • clothes that are itchy
  • shops. Except for tweed city but I hate that new bit ,it freaks me out
  • You (me again) when you won't let me play the PS3 or computer
  • nightime...I just like daytime
  • I hate it when people want to  cuddle me and kiss me and touch me..why do they do that?
  • Things that kill, like bombs and guns ( although he likes his Ps3 games that he uses bombs and guns on but that is different cause it is fake)
  • white bread(shhh don't tell him it's healthy)
  • meat,except for pig (bacon) and KFC nuggets
  • noisy stuff like the vacuum and the lawn mower and when the stupid birds outside are loud and I hate the dryer.
  • writing, it makes  my hand sweaty (?)
  • when I have a different teacher. 
  • when kids are naughty and get in trouble
  • blood, I really hate blood I think it will kill me 
  • being sick,it feels strange and I think I am going to die
  • You (that would be me again) I really hate you when you make me do  stuff I hate.
I hate anyone who doesn't know what an amazing child Pierce is.
 I already have this years Birthday status ready...
Happy 7th Birthday Piercey Morgan. I am sure all my children have the ability to make their mark on this world but you are the one I am sure can change it. 


  1. I think my daughter would ditto everything on this list however...my daughter would have said I hate lists so therefore I refused to make one. SMH lol

  2. Like the wise man said 'we get to do the driving but don't choose the direction we travel'. You lucked into a better navigator than the rest of us !