Monday, 15 August 2011

Party Pooper!

My 6 year old Pierce is a Party Pooper. He HATES parties...and theme parks and swimming pools and school excursions. In fact anything that  most kids love, Pierce hates!
I was reminded of Pierces loathing while discussing Ryan's upcoming  8th Birthday party on the way to school this morning.(these details I will save for another time because I have a feeling Ryans Birthday is going to be totally deserving it's very own Blog)
The instant the words Birthday-Party left my lips I was greeted with the familiar sound of Pierce in Grouch mode..."Great, another party! I'M NOT COMING!!
Now I am quite ok that two of my children have Aspergers, but I have been known to completely ignore this fact. One such occasion was Pierces 6th birthday.
In my defence I will  add that it was Pierces first year at school and it had been a HUGE effort getting him ready for this transition, two and a half years to be precise,but we did it, and I was still feeling a little smug.
So, I decided Pierce would be having his VERY first Birthday Party, that we would invite A LOT of children and that he WOULD HAVE FUN.
Pierce did agree to the party and even decided on the venue- Hungry Jacks,because" that's where you have your party when you're in Kindergarten" (His two big brothers had theirs there so it must be so).
Next came the guest list, our first hiccup.
Me-"who do you want at your party Pierce?"
Pierce- "No one."
Me-"You must want someone?"
Pierce-"ok you can invite Shaun."
I decided to compromise and only invited 27 of his new class mates.
How did it go?
Pierce was in one of his full blown Aspergic (not a word but it should be) moods...
There were meltdowns , rude comments about presents that weren't to his liking and why would anyone buy me THAT? Fixating on presents that he did like(Lego men), very little socialising (he spent an hour of the party  inside sitting at a table with my dad ignoring everyone), more meltdowns because he was hungry and the party plan involved games BEFORE food (Pierce hates party games too) and lastly an unfortunate incident involving ice-cream cake, Pierce hiding under the table with hands over ears while everyone sang happy Birthday and my 7 year old Aspie Ryan, having a sudden sugar rush from the soft drink I didn't know he had been drinking, leaping on to the table and grabbing at his crotch while wildly pelvic thrusting like a rock star in the middle of a sell out performance!
Yes we Morgans sure know how to party...
Will we do it all again next year?Probably not, though when I asked Pierce if he thought he would like another Birthday party he said...
"Yes, but no ones coming!"

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