Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Rules According To...

So I'm bloggging ....finally, at last and about time! The most interesting thing about this so far is that my computers spell check does not recognise blogging  but instead gives me options such as - bogging, logging, boggling and slogging...
 Aspergers rules???  took along time to decide on a name and this one appeared almost like a vision...or maybe  it is just the day I've had?
Two of my four children have Aspergers. I am sure you will get to know them all as we go but anyone who knows anyone with Aspergers knows there are ALOT of rules!? Theirs and mine...
Todays rules are -
NEVER EVER go grocery shopping with more then one child and especially never with more then one Aspie. This is a recipe for disaster. Also do not think that by listing non acceptable Aspie behaviours before you go shopping means they will not  indulge in said" noone is allowed to slide down the aisles because it feels nice OR tell me I am a liar because I said grocery shopping wouldn't take long and it did"
Don't take Aspies to a friends house they have never been to with lots of people they don't know and expect them to act "normal"...They can't and they won't!
And my favourite rule and the one I live by- Do love your Aspies unconditionally and appreciate them for their honesty, intelligence and ability to keep you true to your word and most importantly(in my home anyway) on time.
 Aspies Rule OK?


  1. Welcome to blogging!! Aspies do rule! :)

  2. Hi Sis !
    Did it at last, eh ?
    Loved (lived?)your first post and will be an avid reader.
    Keep it up - it's not like you have anything better to do :)
    Love you !

  3. Hi T.A...this is fantastic...well done you!! Cant wait for the next installment... Mel xx