Wednesday, 18 April 2012

30 DAYS OF AUTISM...Day 18

Breaking My Own Rules...

I have always had a rebellious streak and have been known to break a rule or two in the past. It has not always ended well and I try so hard to learn from my mistakes but...

Today I went to the shops. With all four children. They were tired and hungry.

Not so smart?
It went OK. Considering, but it cost me...

Lunch at KFC -a bribe for Pierce, the only way I could get him to try on a new pair of shoes, we could not find a pair to fit him but he tried on two pairs. Still no shoes.

2 Skylanders - My fault, I told the boys they could look at Skylanders while Darcy tried shoes on and I was not at all ready to handle a double meltdown from two tired, hungry Aspies because *they could not live without those 2 Skylanders and they will sell out and then they will never ever be able to get them*

Lots of extra crap in the trolley- because I just wanted to get the shopping done and get home. 

My sanity (or what was left of it)- having to listen to Darcy say and ask every single thing that popped into her brain for the entire hour we were at the shops and she expected me to comment and answer on every single thing. One word answers were NOT allowed.

2 bottles of water- because Ryan and Pierce were worried about becoming dehydrated (15 minutes after having a drink a lunchtime) and could not share a bottle as *that's gross*. ( but drinking milk out of the carton in our fridge is not?)

One pair of girls underpants- Darcy pooped in hers when we arrived at the shops and I decided throwing them out was a better option then carrying them around in my handbag.

My Credibility- Did I mention that on the way to the shops I told my children not to ask for ANYTHING because they would not get it?

Oh Yeah I am ROCKING this parenting gig!

NOTE: Do not show this post to my Mother.

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