Tuesday, 17 April 2012

30 DAYS OF AUTISM...I have no idea what day it is!

Apologies for failing miserably at my own challenge. Daily Blog Posts for 30 days? Well that was never going to happen. I did however think I would do a little better then the past fortnights miserable effort.
Unlike Charlie Sheen I am definitely NOT winning! Not sure exactly what it was that pushed me over the ever present edge but I fell (or may have been pushed) and it has taken a while to climb back up.
School Holidays always see me stumble a little and these holidays have had some extra challenges that added up to me having a teeny weeny breakdown.
The change in routine is a hard thing for the boys and takes its toll on them and me. They are not at all self sufficient and add to that their inability to wait for anything for any amount of time means I feel like I am single-handedly  staffing an extremely busy restaurant/hotel during  a peak service period that lasts for twelve hours a day. I usually manage a shower before I then start the Graveyard shift. Add to this the flu (me and Ryan), My Aunty passing away and trying to help my Mum through losing her sister and all that goes with it, and me being already burnt out from fist term at school which is always tough and finished with two IEPs ( for some reason these necessary meetings  seem to mess with my head no matter how well the boys are doing),two Paediatrician reviews (again head wreckers), Pierce starting on meds and various sleep problems (me and the kids) and Darcys impending Psychology assessment (next week) and something in my brain just screamed "STOP! NO MORE!!!!"
Something had to give. It has taken every ounce of energy I have to just get through the day. Anything extra (like blogging) has been impossible. My mind has been incapable of  even attempting to turn on the computer let alone write a blog post and I have left my Colleagues to handle the running of our facebook page without me (sorry guys). I felt so guilty but decided I really needed to be kind to myself and my kids for just a little while.
I have caught up on some reading (which is something I have missed terribly since having kids),watched movies with my children and we didn't leave the house for a week!
I am feeling a little better and stronger and almost ready to face term 2 and starting back at the therapy appointments that will start filling in the days on my calendar.
Now if only it would stop raining so I can get the kids outside!


  1. Sis, Sis, Sis. You gave it your best shot and it was bloody good. Celebrate your achievements. We'll worry about the rest later.

    1. Thanks M, and thanks for the Hunger Games...downloaded to iBooks and have read all three this week! <3