Monday, 23 April 2012

30 DAYS OF AUTISM...Day 22

Share For Akian

I had a blog post shared on my page today,  after reading it and watching the video that was posted I felt compelled to share also. 
This video is extremely disturbing and hard to watch but please do and share. It is beyond belief that the teacher involved in this heartless behaviour is still teaching. 

 Help Akian get his apology and stop this teacher from damaging any more of the students she is supposed to be nurturing. I will share some links for more information and to a Facebook page where you can offer support. 

No more Teacher/Bully Web Page.     explains the situation in more detail and unfortunately more audio.

Sign the petition. Give Akian your support on Facebook and share the video. 

Children with autism have difficulties with communication, even those that have high language skills often cannot tell us what is wrong. This makes them prime targets for this type of bullying and it must not be tolerated!

I am blessed with a fantastic school and teachers for my boys. I only wish all children were this lucky. 

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