Sunday, 8 April 2012



People on the Austism Spectrum are well known for their honesty and bluntness. I try very hard to teach my boys that although their honesty is commendable they do need to be aware of other peoples feelings. They do however crack me up at times with their uniqueness...

The other day in the car Darcy mentioned she had fallen and hurt her *Bagina* . Any mention of genitals or bodily functions is sure to get a reaction from my boys, so began a discussion no one is ever ready for.

I must inform you all we are very open in our house.I  do not want my children to grow up thinking their bodies are frightening or something to be hidden. Nudity is allowed and a given and I never shy away from discussions about sex or genitalia, much as I would like to.

Ryan:"Why doesn't Darcy have hair on her Vagina?"
Me: "She will when she gets older"
All Boys: " Giggle"
Pierce: " OMG Girls have hair on their V-word"
Me: "You'll have hair down there too when you are older"
Shaun: " Yeah Daddy does"
Ryan and Pierce:"more giggles"
Pierce: " Why don't I have a V-word?"
Me: "you don't need  to say V-word Pierce"
Pierce: "Is Vagina not a swear word?" (hysterical coming form a child who says shit, fuck, bugger on a regular basis)
Me: "No, it is a part of the body like your arms and legs."
Pierce:"so,can I say it at school?"
Me:"If  you need to..."
Piecre:" But I shouldn't call someone a Vagina-Head?"
Me: "Definitely not!"

So now I spend my days worrying about Pierce discussing vaginas and pubic hair at school. I still believe in being honest and open with my kids and at least I don't have to worry about  them calling someone a *Vagina Head* . 

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